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Do you have questions?  Here are some answers.



What do I pay for?


The website is paid for and owned by the client, so that you control the ownership of the website and domain forever.  The client will also pay for any advertising that is agreed to.  (Google AdWords, Facebook, etc.)


Do you generate leads?


Yes, and we negotiate how our comissions are calculated.


What % of your clients are successful?


Since 1999 we have had a 72% success rate, and our average client has been with us 6.1 years.


How much do you charge?


All our comission schedules are negotiable.  Retail sales run from 7-10%.  Wholesale sales 3-5%.  Lead generation are usually base on a per lead fee.


What are the steps to getting a startup online?


First a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) needs to be determined.  Then a website must be started or revised to reduce any sales friction that a targeted visitor may encounter.


Who is in charge?


The client always approves anything that is published or emailed.


Why don't you charge anything up front?


We are looking for long-term customers and we have found that because we also have "skin in the game" that our success rates are higher.

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